Voxfazer - Lyon, janvier 2016 (a​)​LIVE

by Voxfazer



Concert enregistré à Lyon en Janvier 2016.
Improvisations sur quelques boucles préparées à l'avance.


released January 15, 2016



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Voxfazer France

At works since 1975.
Experimenting, every day.

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Track Name: The Third Book of Eva - part I
Introduction: Marlon Brando & Anna Magnani, "The Fugitive Kind", Sidney Lumet, 1960.

- I'm not tired. I'm just fed up.

- You're right.

- You know, Lady, there's people bought and sold in this world...
like carcasses of hons in butcher shops.
You might think that there's... -
there's many... -there's many kinds of people in this world. But there's only two kinds: the buyers and the ones who net bought.
No. There's another kind.

- What kind?

- It's a kind that don't belong no place at all. There's a kind of bird that...don't have any lens, so it can't light on nothin'. So it has to spend its whole life on its wings in the air. I seen one once. It died and fell to earth. And its body was light-blue colored. And it was just as tiny as your little finger. And it was so light in the palm of your hand...that it didn't weigh more than a feather. And its wings spread out that wide. And you could see right through 'em. That's why the hawks don't catch 'em... -'cause they don't see 'em. They don't see 'em way up in that high blue sky, near the sun.

- What about in gray weather?

- Oh, they fly so high in gray weather, the hawks would net dizzy. See, these little birds don't have no lens at all... so they have to live their whole lives on the wing. And they sleep on the wind. That's what they do. They just... - They just spread their wings out and no to sleep on the wind. And they only...light on this earth but one time. It's when they die.